YP Letters: Duke’s crash no excuse to attack older drivers

From: Jenny Eaves, Balby, Doncaster.

The Duke of Edinburgh's recent crash has sparked a debate about older drivers.

I JUST wanted to express how much I agree with your editorial on the recent car crash involving Prince Philip (The Yorkshire Post, January 19).

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While the precise circumstances of the incident are yet to be established, it appears that many people are using it as an opportunity to tar older drivers with the same brush, and claim they are somehow all dangerous and shouldn’t be on the roads. I would advise anyone with such an opinion to glance at those drivers who are flouting the laws of the highway and passing them at great speed in the fast lane the next time they are on the motorway. If it is anything like my experience, I suspect they won’t see many OAPs amongst their number.

From: Paul Morley, Skipton.

The WOMAN involved in the crash with Prince Philip goes to the media, saying she could have been killed and that she has had no apology or heard anything from the Royal Family.

If this had been a collision between two ordinary members of the public resulting in 
damage and walking wounded it would have been names, addresses and insurance details exchanged, and that would probably be the last contact between the two parties.