YP Letters: Fears of being left out in cold by gas engineers

From: Sandra Morris, Highmoor Close, Moortown, Leeds.

British Gas customer service is in the spotlight.

THE other day, there was a knock at my door. When I opened it an employee from British Gas greeted me: “I will have to disconnect your gas and electric supply. I am doing some work on the meter of the flat above yours and I cannot do the work without disconnecting your gas and electric.”

As I am unaware of gas/electric working practices, I was unable to ask why this should be, if the work did not involve myself. I asked: “How long will that take?”

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He did not know. “About an hour?” I asked. “Oh, no, it looks rather complicated and I am going to ring my supervisor about it.”

He went off to the flat above. After some little thought regarding being without heat, light or the means of making a hot drink, I followed him.

He seemed relieved I had arrived and after a short discussion with both me and the occupant of the above flat he left, still trying to contact his supervisor and return another day.

If and when he returns, will British Gas employ someone to take me to the nearest cafe (or similar) where I can sit in warmth and light and enjoy a hot drink? I am 79 years of age and think British Gas could afford to show me this consideration.