YP Letters: Fewer pills and phones, more common sense please

The Duchess of Cornwall.
The Duchess of Cornwall.
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From: K Pilling, Hull.

REGARDING the article ‘‘Camilla praises social prescription team’’ (The Yorkshire Post, February 8) in which the Duchess of Cornwall praised the work being 
done at the Lambeth GP Food Co-op, and the advice given by the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, that doctors should consider giving fewer pills and more good advice, I hope our GPs are listening.

There have been programmes on BBC Radio 4 discussing why children are starting school unable to talk or understand simple questions – well, here is your answer.

As a regular user of public transport, I despair at the evidence of very poor mothering skills I see almost every day.

Society’s addiction to the smartphone is partly to blame. Mothers ignoring crying infants and toddlers, because they are totally absorbed in their phones, are a daily sight.

Then, when they do finally attend to the child (sometimes after a good 10 to 15 minutes of wailing), they take out a sugary drink or a packet of junk food to comfort it.

They seem lacking in what should be instinctive skills, i.e. to give the child a cuddle and talk to it!

These basics are the sort of advice or training that should be compulsory for every pregnant woman.