YP Letters: Fracking industry would lay waste to our countryside

Fracking continues to divide opinion in Ryedale.
Fracking continues to divide opinion in Ryedale.
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From: Yvonne Ward, Sawley, Ripon.

UNTIL recently, I was ambivalent about fracking. Recently, however, I have been looking at independent research relating to it and I’m now very much against it for many reasons.

It would industrialise our countryside. It diverts huge amounts of fresh water and results in large quantities of contaminated water which needs to be disposed of... to where?

The abandoned wells will need to be capped, monitored and maintained for many years. Agricultural land could be contaminated for the foreseeable future. Companies will cut corners regardless of regulations and who will pay for the clean-up?

We should not be bullied by Government and greedy corporations.

We all need to look further into what those with vested interests are telling us.

From: Brian Appleby, Hilltop View, Dacre Banks.

THERE are many reasons why fracking is a “dirty” industry, but above them all is fracking’s contribution to the most serious threat that mankind has ever faced.

The scientific consensus borders on absolute – climate breakdown is already with us and increasing in intensity.

Without a drastic change in our use of fossil fuels, there will be serious consequences.

The public have a right to know what the impact of fracking will be.

There is no longer time for trite opinions on this subject from people who have no scientific knowledge whatsoever.

From: Sue Cuthbert, Newton on Rawcliffe, Ryedale.

WAS the Government (The Yorkshire Post, February 1) right to bypass local councils in ordering public inquiries on fracking exploration?

If this Government thinks that it is all right to overrule local council decisions, then it is on the slippery slope to being a dictatorship.

Theresa May has spoken on several occasions about “localism” where local people have a right to say what happens in their community.

From: Mike Smethurst, Rotherham.

THE anti-fracking fraternity do not help their cause by repeatedly playing the “global warming” card. Methane has the lowest carbon content of any combustible fuel. The real argument lies in whether the risks involved in extracting shale gas are outweighed by the benefits.