YP Letters: Fracking might well allow drivers to step on gas

Could fracking lead to the upgrade of the A64?
Could fracking lead to the upgrade of the A64?
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From: Mike Potter, Pickering.

NUMEROUS people have spent decades trying to get North Yorkshire’s key A64 trunk road upgraded to something better than a lengthy car park.

Other than repainting white lines at dangerous junctions in significantly safer ways and a massively expensive rebuild of York’s Hopgrove roundabout, which appeared to have precious little effect, they have had very little success.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Government remarkably found cash to do the job at last, just as Third Energy started fracking at Kirby Misperton and just when the definition of fracking is 
about to be changed, in order to allow it to happen in our National Parks and other protected areas?

How beneficial that would be for the Northern Powerhouse.

From: David Scudamore, York.

LET’S hope the anti-fracking brigade actually question candidates in the forthcoming North Yorkshire elections about their stance on shale gas before they vote? I view the vote as a referendum on fracking.