YP Letters: Fracking the countryside is against majority will

Local residents remains predominantly opposed to fracking. Do you?
Local residents remains predominantly opposed to fracking. Do you?
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From: Pam Bradnum, Driffield.

WHAT really upsets me about fracking is the fact that the Government thinks that East Yorkshire belongs to them and not to the lovely people who live here (The Yorkshire Post, January 27).

How can they go against the will of the people by doling out licences for something the majority do not seem to want?

The only folk I know who think fracking is a good idea are those who live in busy cities where it will not affect them.

We put up with not having services on our doorstep to live in the countryside, which is our choice, but why should we put up with wind farms, biomass boilers, slurry lakes and now fracking?

From: Eddie Peart, Rotherham.

IF there’s to be fracking in Yorkshire, what about at Sandringham, Windsor, Balmoral or under the Prime Minister’s house? All or none.

From: Ann Petherick, York.

I AM disappointed in Sarah Todd (The Yorkshire Post, January 27). It is undeniable that fracking is environmentally devastating, damaging to livelihoods, its safety is unproven and it is unnecessary, especially if we stop wasting energy on overheating public buildings.