YP Letters: Fracking would bring nothing but misery

Should fracking be opposed?
Should fracking be opposed?
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From: Irene Wilde, Slack Top, Heptonstall, West Yorkshire.

FRACKING could not only be a danger to our health but also lead to mass unemployment.

The North Yorkshire site is just one example of great concern.

I believe that it is proposed to dispose of the waste water from fracking in North Yorkshire using 300 lorries a day to transport the contaminated water to a treatment works in Leeds.

This has to be wrong on all levels, environmentally and socially, and of course increasing the congestion on the roads.

I also believe that the treatment works that could be used has, in the past, been unable to cope with current demand. Effluent has also been responsible for contaminating the river and poisoning fish.

Apart from the unknown effects which continuous pounding of the earth will bring and the chemicals used, I am concerned about the impact upon the housing market. Who in their right mind would buy a house which is going to be fracked under? Indeed who would provide them with a mortgage? Therefore, who would build new homes near such sites if there was no market for them?

I, therefore, urge everyone to oppose fracking for all our sakes.