YP Letters: Frankness needed over fracking row

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From: Michael Roberts, Worcester Avenue, Garstang, Lancashire.

I AM afraid Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth (The Yorkshire Post, January 16), has not been quite accurate about the complaints sent to the Advertising Standards Authority regarding their leaflet on fracking in Lancashire.

He is fully aware two complaints were sent to the Advertising Standards Authority – one from Cuadrilla and one from two pensioners. They ignore ours as we have no connection to industry. The ASA made it clear that FoE would not repeat their misleading claims again and they had to issue an official blog to make this clear.

Sadly FoE have already misled people in Lancashire over fracking and they seem to be doing the same in Yorkshire.

I hope all Yorkshire people will see this, from someone dwelling over in Lancashire, who has observed their activities.

From: Michael Tanner, Southlands Court, Nawton, Ryedale. North Yorkshire

UKOOG, the gas industry’s PR body, has at long last produced their visualisation of what fracking would allegedly look like in North Yorkshire. This was requested following their closed meeting with Kevin Hollinrake MP last year.

Two PEDL areas are shown at a density of three wells each. We all know this will be at least 10 per licensed area if not more. Not only that but no towns are named, no pumping stations or processing plants are shown. If this was part of a professional planning application showing only a fraction of the required details, it would be immediately returned to the applicant. Are the people of Ryedale being spun more fake news?

Spare NHS from critics

From: Dawn Chadwick, Garforth.

I AM appalled at the constant criticism of the NHS. In my opinion, it is not all the Government’s “fault”, nor is it the “fault” of NHS staff, GPs or a lack of funding, some of the responsibility is ours.

We live longer, we have more support and drugs than ever before to keep us going, we will not wait for care, we no longer care for each other, the extended family has gone, the young cannot care for relatives as they live nowhere near them or they simply do not want too, some work long hours and have no time, we eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much and exercise too little, bringing on medical conditions.

We often do not consider the alternatives, the chemist, buying paracetamol, changing lifestyle. If we all did our bit, do your readers think it would help?

From: Rosemarie Lawson, Sowerby, Thirsk.

LAST November, you were kind enough to publish my letter of gratitude to York Hospital.

Now, after intensive, daily, radiotherapy may I add my praise to the staff at Bexley Wing of St James’s Hospital, Leeds.

As the NHS. suffers daily criticism, let us the patients, who depend on the skills of the marvellous staff, thank them for “keeping calm and carrying on”.

Included in this sincere acknowledgement are all the nursing, administrative and transport staff, in particular the volunteer drivers, who, without reward, are collecting patients for lifesaving treatments regardless of weather or traffic conditions. They are heroes, each and every one of them.

In praise of Trump

From: Peter Bye, Park Crescent, Addingham, Ilkley.

IN the last few weeks, Donald Trump has:

1. Cancelled the new presidential aircraft that had been ordered and which he described as ‘unnecessary and a waste of money’;

2. Repatriated Chrysler jobs from Mexico to the US;

3. ‘Encouraged’ Ford to open a manufacturing plant in the US;

4. Given warning to the pharmaceutical and defence industries about profiteering;

5. Taken to task the security services who some say have acted as puppet masters for years;

6. Raised the question of fake news;

7. Promised the UK a trade deal.

Not bad considering he hasn’t taken over yet.

Raising road problems

From: Peter Fattorini, Linton, Skipton.

YOUR Editorial “Pothole Poser” suggests that drivers need a means to report potholes (The Yorkshire Post, January 16). There is already an app, Fill That Hole which lets them do just that and automatically informs the relevant highways authority. It is most effective.

From: Mr S Cox, Hodgson Crescent, Leeds.

WHO is responsible for street and road signs so that they can be read?

Some need cleaning and painting and others need replacing as they are unreadable. Everyone does not have a ‘sat nav’ and would have difficulty in finding places.

Security risk from the air

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

I READ with astonishment an article regarding the total lack of border security at many of the hundreds of small airports scattered around the country, mainly in the east and south of Britain.

Apparently small planes can fly across to France and back without any check whatsoever on departure or arrival, this is apparently something that the Government is well aware of. This needs stopping now!

Anyone who wishes us harm can come in by these means.