YP Letters: '˜Green energy' must come from power stations

From: Paul Muller, Sandal, Wakefield.

Should fracking be part of our future energy solutions?

I HAVE just read Ed Cox’s article suggesting that we should get rid of the internal combustion engine using petrol and diesel because they are killing us and replace them with electric vehicles by using green energy. I have no idea what green energy is. If you have an electric car you have to plug it into a supply of electricity occasionally in order for it to work.

The electricity has to come from the power stations which will have to be massively increased in number to supply all the electricity needed for the millions of vehicles using our roads.

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The power stations in this country use mainly coal and gas and so they will pollute our atmosphere even more than our cars and buses do at the moment.

The only solution to this problem in Yorkshire is to frack for gas or to build many small nuclear power stations throughout the country, as they have done in France. Once a nuclear power station has been built it doesn’t pollute the atmosphere.

Hydrogen vehicles at first may seem a good idea but the nearest abundant supply of hydrogen is the sun. The IPPR North need to do some scientific thinking before they waste more of our energy that we get from the sun and chlorophyl.