YP Letters: Have we called time on the analogue clock?

From: Sonia White, Leeds.

The big hand, thats not hand-shaped at all, is pointing up and the little one is pointing at the seven. So it must be time to look for my mobile phone!

HOW embarrassing, I would have been ashamed if my child couldn’t tell the time with an analogue time piece (The Yorkshire Post, May 1). Whatever happened to time teaching clocks and watches, or drawing hands on paper clock faces?

From: Nicole Crosby-Mckenna, Leeds.

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LEAVE the kids alone. We pile so much pressure on them. If a digital clock can ease a bit of the pressure, then let them use it.

From: Carl Ochei, Leeds.

LATIN is a dying language, we’re in a digital age now – I can’t say I’ve ever used Roman numerals outside of science (in science 
yes, because it uses Latin and Greek terminology) but in daily life – no.

With that said, I don’t understand how a clock with Roman numerals on is not common sense if you know the points on a normal clock?

From: Rachael Maun, Leeds.

I CAN use the 24 hour clock but struggle with analogue! A 24 hour clock seems so simple to me.

From: Cheryl Field, Leeds.

IF your child is sitting their GCSEs, this is the last thing you would be worrying about.