YP Letters: Helpful police saved me from a bag of trouble

From: Magda Polushko, Harrogate.

The diligence of police in Harrogate has been praised by a reader.
The diligence of police in Harrogate has been praised by a reader.

AFTER climbing Birk Crag, I felt pretty exhausted, so when I reached my car I was looking forward to a relaxed drive home and a nice cuppa, but it was not to be. I could not drive home. I had left my bag somewhere in Harlow Carr or Birk Crag.

In my bag I had my keys to the car, the house and also my bank cards, my bus pass etc. I had my phone so I rang the police.

Within five minutes, the police arrived. Went to look for my bag to Valley Gardens, to Bettys, to anywhere and everywhere. Nothing.

The policeman, named Scott, escorted me back to their car and they drove me to my neighbour who luckily was at home. Scott then took me to my house to make sure I was home safe and sound.

He also wrote down the phone numbers for my two banks and I immediately rang them both. Then the phone rang. It was Scott. “Hello, Magda, have you cancelled your cards?” “Oh yes, I’m a good girl.” Then I realised they had found my bag!

The two policemen then drove back to my house with the bag. They collected me and drove me to my car. I was grateful beyond words.

How great are Yorkshire policemen? I also want to thank the person who found my bag and took it to the police station.