YP Letters: Holiday airport a stark contrast with Leeds Bradford

Leeds Bradford Airport.
Leeds Bradford Airport.
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From: Bob Watson, Baildon.

HAVING just returned from a holiday in Lanzarote, it was interesting to compare the airport there with Leeds Bradford which appears to be of a similar size.

At Lanzarote there are several airbridges, so that virtually all passengers can board and alight directly into the terminal building.

What a difference at Leeds Bradford, where there are only two such airbridges.

Far too often passengers are dumped at the far end of the site, and then bussed to the terminal, or have to undertake a lengthy walk along corridors.

The powers-that-be tell us that Leeds Bradford is “Yorkshire’s Airport”, but sadly they seem to spend most of their money on improving the shopping experience, and nothing like enough on the passenger experience.

This is the highest passenger airport in the UK and, as such, travellers deserve a much better level of convenience and comfort.

What is urgently needed is an extension of the terminal building along the apron, together with the installation 
of several more airbridges.

Until these sorts of improvements are put in place, then, sadly, the airport will continue to be second-rate in 
the eyes of many people from Yorkshire and beyond.