YP Letters: Hypocrite fracking protesters ruin farming fields

The Third Energy fracking site at Kirby Misperton.
The Third Energy fracking site at Kirby Misperton.
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From: Lorraine Allanson, Allerston, Pickering.

YOUR letters page reveals much about campaigners against shale gas (The Yorkshire Post, February 21).

These opponents support the environmental disaster in a field taken without consent by anti-fracking protesters to create a camp near Kirby Misperton and, therefore, the ruination of our countryside.

Also, our roadside wildlife habitats are now destroyed by a series of fossil fuel-powered cars driven by eco warriors who have dumped their plastic encased mobile homes and created roadside camps by the KM8 
well site entrance.

The hypocrisy is lost on these selfish people who are destroying a community.

They expect locals to welcome their protest groups They somehow cannot see the absolute devastation of our countryside by planet-saving hypocrites.

Cockneys who need culture

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

JOHN Mann MP (The Yorkshire Post, February 20) is right to highlight the Yorkshire coalfield areas that are cultural deserts.

However taking a group of children from the coalfields to see the glories of London could well be counter-productive, because many of the ones with drive and talent will resolve to go to live and work in the capital, with further loss to the North.

I see the problem from the other end so to speak; I have worked in London on several occasions over the years and have always been and remain horrified by the average Londoner’s sheer, prejudiced and utter ignorance about the rest of our country. They know nothing about the North.

How much more useful to bring parties of London schoolchildren to discover the beauty and delights of the rest of the country?

Selfish strike is plain dumb

From: Phil Hanson, Beechmount Close, Baildon, Shipley.

AM I the only person to think the strike action of university staff is misguided, badly thought through and, at best, plain dumb?

University staff have a great pension scheme, alas “managed” by a team consisting of professionals and university staff that is reported to operate with a focus on self rather than members.

They are damaging the education of young people with their stupid actions. University staff need to look at the people they pay to run their pensions and both cease and make amends for their childish behaviour.

Where is the money going?

From: Jeff Thomas, Strait Lane, Huby, Leeds.

WITH regard to Transport for the North (The Yorkshire Post, February 20), where is the evidence of work being done in the region on major projects, whether it be road or rail?

The £70bn referred to seems to be an invisible figure conjured up by the Government. In reality this money will never appear. TfN has no teeth, the Government will listen to their plans but do nothing.

There are enough Tory MPs in Yorkshire to call for an urgent meeting to resolve the funding issue once and for all, assuming of course that Theresa May hasn’t silenced them all.

Banks behind huge debts

From: John G Davies, Alma Terrace, East Morton, Keighley.

SIR Bernard Ingham is rather casual about history (The Yorkshire Post, February 21). He seems to have forgotten that the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Northern Rock were the results of speculation encouraged by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Banks encouraged borrowing by individuals and countries, whatever their means. Ultimately, this enormous Ponzi scheme collapsed. He highlights the UK and US national debt. Isn’t it significant that both governments seem hell bent on reducing taxation, particularly for rich individuals and companies? The poor get into debt because they have insufficient income and little financial control. The Government has control over its income, but is ideologically opposed to the solution.

Thanks for speedy NHS

From: Victoria Leap, Riccall Road, Escrick, York.

IN these days of so many complaints, I would like you to print a nice story about the NHS.

I suffered an extremely painful knee injury while out walking – unable to walk my husband decided we had to go to A&E. Having heard of all the waiting times and all the bad publicity, he said ‘be prepared’ – we had a flask of coffee and sandwiches, and picked out various books, magazines and electronic music devices to take with us.

We are lucky to be near Selby and York Hospitals so decided to go to Selby – less traffic.

The staff were lovely and our details taken down we then prepared ourselves for the wait – five minutes later we were seen and onwards to now recovery. Two weeks later and I am a very accomplished crutch user. We look back and laugh at our morning.

Left in dark by airport tag

From: Mrs P Sykes, Old Lane, Otley.

I TOTALLY agree with correspondents over Leeds Bradford Airport – how can it be called an ‘international’ airport when you have to negotiate ice covered steps from the plane then walk almost a quarter of a mile to get indoors? All in the dark I might add.