YP Letters: Impossible to believe Theresa May’s assurances on Brexit

To what extent is David Cameron to blame for the Brexit mess?
To what extent is David Cameron to blame for the Brexit mess?
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From: MP Laycock, Harrogate.

ROBERT Bottamley (The Yorkshire Post, November 27) is right to point out that our 2016 referendum was arranged and calculated to obtain a “Remain” vote.

It was made abundantly clear that we were not meant to vote “Leave”. David Cameron actually told HM civil servants not to make contingency plans for such a result.

The Archbishop of York: I voted Remain, but now I will back the Brexit deal and here’s why

Far from lacking vision, “Leave” campaigners had many competing visions of future opportunities. They were, however, united on one simple proposition. Outside EU membership, Britain could make its own decisions on trade, fisheries immigration, employment, health and safety and other matters. Our post-exit government would be answerable to our voters for its decisions.

In 2016, some 16.3 million voted to Remain, 17.4 million to Leave. Nobody voted to pretend to Leave. Instead of negotiating to Leave, Theresa May has negotiated to downgrade our EU membership from full voting membership to sub-ordinate non-voting membership where we would be subject to rules that we would have no part in making.

Theresa May tells us that her agreement will honour our 2016 referendum. Bearing in mind the contrast between what she said two years ago and what she is offering now, and the tricks that she has played on her own Cabinet, I find it impossible to believe her assurances.

From: Derrick Bond, Leeds.

WE are sleepwalking into a trap from which we’ll never escape.

How can anyone with even the most basic negotiation skills think it’s acceptable to pay an exit fee up front, thereby losing any leverage?

The waffle and fudge of the Withdrawal Agreement confirms that Theresa May’s only real skill is kicking the can further down the road.

From: Peter Bye, Addingham.

I AM not able to find any example where anyone ever has voted to be worse off. Can anybody think of one?

Neither can I find reference to any vote when we were asked our view about transferring our sovereignty to the European Union (as opposed to the EEC)? 
If there had been one, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s warnings on trade should be heeded; the US is way, way 
above the EU as a customer for Britain.