YP Letters: Left reeling by floods as authorities fail Yorkshire again

From: Bruce Anderton, Church Green, Bridlington.

Are flooded fields fit for development?

TOM Richmond once more hits the nail firmly on the head (The Yorkshire Post, January 9), especially with regard to the total ineffectiveness of Elizabeth Truss.

Despite the waffle, the people of Tadcaster, York, Calderdale and elsewhere are yet again left reeling and seemingly abandoned after suffering from flooding.

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I imagine that had a similar situation arisen in, say, Africa or Afghanistan, our Government would have been at the forefront in offering aid and financial assistance. And as for that other inept organisation, the Environment Agency, whose head saw fit to be sunning himself on the other side of the world when in reality he should have been spearheading his organisation’s response to the catastrophe, one has to ask when did anyone actually see the EA doing anything to combat the flooding threats which always exist in northern England?

Dredging has been suggested – but can anyone say if they have witnessed any such work on the scale so obviously needed?

From: Anthony Hopkins, Guiseley.

HAVING seen the wonderfully brave work undertaken by all the emergency services, at times endangering their own lives to save others during the floods, it never fails to amaze me that there is a certain group of individuals choosing to put themselves in danger by ignoring road closed signs and deliberately driving through the flood, encountering difficulties and expecting to be rescued by the emergency services.

It is to be hoped they are presented with the full cost of recovery for such rescue and it is ensured payment is made. A more cost effective and far less hazardous alternative for emergency workers, would be to leave such idiots to their own devices in the flood waters.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THERE have been massive flooding in York recently caused by heavy rain and lack of maintainance of defences, and yet these facts do not seem to influence the granting of building permissions in unsuitable areas.

The other day I passed a fenced-off proposed building site to be called Saxongate near Stamford Bridge. The larger part of the area was under standing water because the land was absolutely saturated.

Covering the site with houses and roads will make the flooding even worse.