YP Letters: Let’s have a ‘people’s vote’ on HS2 cash instead

Should there be a 'people's vote' on HS2?
Should there be a 'people's vote' on HS2?
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From: Joe Ginty, Addingham.

I APPLAUD David Behrens (The Yorkshire Post, January 5) for his analysis of the Brexit situation and read with interest his outline of the possible advantages of conducting a so-called ‘people’s vote’.

I, too, would welcome a ‘people’s vote’, but not one to satisfy those still in denial. We are leaving the EU. End of.

I would instead suggest a ‘people’s vote’ to make decisions regarding the future which are significantly more important than our relationship with the EU – and might go some way to reuniting our fractured nation while we still have time.

The question I propose for such a vote is simple: Do we spend £78.5m per kilometre to build HS2? Or do we instead spend £78.5m on each area health authority in the UK?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

WHILE buses ended at 8pm here in Leeds on New Year’s Eve, in London they ran until 
4.30am on New Year’s Day 
and, what’s more, there was free travel for passengers.

There were no buses 
at all in Leeds on New Year’s Day 
but they merely ran only 
every three to five minutes in London.

We in the North deserve far better.