YP Letters: Mayor’s Sheffield focus highlights Yorkshire devolution concerns

Magid Magid became the Lord Mayor of Sheffield earlier this year.
Magid Magid became the Lord Mayor of Sheffield earlier this year.
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From: David Schofield, Highfield Drive, Garforth.

MUCH has been written in your columns regarding devolution for Yorkshire, and I can see its broad attraction (The Yorkshire Post, November 7).

However, because of our county’s massive diversity, I think we should tread very lightly before committing our future development into the hands of politicians.

I know they all mean well, and want the best for Yorkshire folk, but any make up of a Yorkshire assembly would see places such as the Yorkshire coast, the Yorkshire Wolds, and the Yorkshire Dales vastly under-represented and these – let’s face it – are probably the jewels in the Yorkshire crown.

Perhaps my concerns are best illustrated by the My Yorkshire feature in last Saturday’s magazine (The Yorkshire Post, November 3).

It was the turn of Magid Magid, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield. I’m sure he is a lovely man, and I admire his determination and ambition since fleeing Somalia. However his responses to all the questions about Yorkshire were all centred on Sheffield. Indeed, anyone reading this article would think that he has never set foot outside Sheffield. My point is that he is a politician, and it is politicians who would be making important decisions in a devolved Yorkshire assembly.