YP Letters: Memories of the reality behind legendary '˜Watersplash' final

From: Peter Haddington, Prospect Place, Bradford.

A BBC documentary has revived memories of the 'Watersplash Final'

What a good decision by the BBC to show another screening of Rugby League cup final day of the documentary about the legendary ‘Watersplash’ final 50 years ago between Leeds and Wakefield Trinity.

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It is a superb production which highlights the local rivalry between the two clubs in those days, and really captures the emotion of the occasion. This match is probably remembered more than any other final because of the atrocious weather conditions, and the result being in doubt until the final kick when the ball sailed wide from Don Fox’s boot. It was a good match under such extreme circumstances, but if either team had secured the win a while before the final whistle it would have been remembered only for the conditions.

The match became a lottery with pools of standing water everywhere and players sliding all over the place and I felt that neither team deserved to lose. This documentary brings home just how much missing that goal kick meant to Don Fox and how it affected his life. I prefer to remember Don Fox for what he was, a superb Rugby League footballer. It was good to see so many legends of both clubs looking so good and so sprightly and this documentary is extremely well put together.