YP Letters: Missing the point in argument over the burka

Columnist Christa Ackroyd.
Columnist Christa Ackroyd.
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From: Peter Haw, Kirkby Road, Ripon.

CHRISTA Ackroyd has completely missed the issue with the burka in her article in Life & Style (The Yorkshire Post, August 15).

We are human. Evolution has given our faces a range of expressions which enable one human to determine if another human is sad, happy, angry, concerned etc. If someone chooses to cover their face, it is impossible for another human to read their expressions.

Christa Ackroyd: Why I defend the right for women to wear the burka

When a racing driver crashes out of a race, they will often walk back to the pits without removing their full face 

In effect they are saying “do not communicate with me”. Throughout history, face covering has been used to intimidate others.

It does not matter if someone is wearing a burka, a full face crash helmet, a hoodie or a scarf covering the face – the message is the same.

In Western culture, face covering has always been associated with criminality or intimidation.

Cover your face if you wish, but do not expect the majority to find it acceptable or to wish to interact with you.