YP Letters: NHS communication methods ‘so last century’

Should NHS appointments be distributed by email?
Should NHS appointments be distributed by email?
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From: Andrew Suter, Station Road, Ampleforth.

I REFER to the use of out-of-date technology and the NHS being the largest purchaser of fax machines in the world.

Having had an illness recently diagnosed, several visits have been required to different hospitals within my own NHS trust area.

My care and treatment since diagnosis has been excellent.

However, I have been left with one negative thought. Their communication with patients is so ‘last century’.

The entire set of appointments I had to attend were notified to me by post and at what cost?

Have the senior management teams in the NHS not heard of 

If my bank can contact me securely via email, I don’t think the NHS can claim that confidentiality is a problem. All I can presume is that it keeps 
an army of appointment clerks 
in a job costing nationally the NHS millions of pounds a 

As long as people can opt out, why not default appointments to email?