YP Letters: Only Humber barrier scheme can provide flood protection

Should a tidal barrier be built across the mouth of the Humber estuary?
Should a tidal barrier be built across the mouth of the Humber estuary?
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From: John R Goodman, Grove Close, Beverley.

REPORTS indicate that a review of the flood prevention policies around the Humber estuary is to be carried out (The Yorkshire Post, February 22).

The present policy of raising the 240km flood banks around the Humber has already cost over £1bn. This policy gives only improved protection from a tidal surge.

It does not give guaranteed protection nor does it give any other benefits.

The only scheme that guarantees flood protection from the ever increasing threat of a tidal surge is a Humber barrier near the mouth of the River Humber. A barrier not only guarantees tidal surge flood protection and is worth doing for this alone, but in addition it gives huge further benefits each of which justify a barrier in their own right.

The further benefits include a hydro-electric scheme; a huge fresh water reservoir, the surface height of which could be varied to meet the drainage/irrigation needs of the catchment and deep water navigation channels could be cut from the sea locks in the barrier the full length of the Humber.

It is said that the River Humber is the second most dangerous navigable river in the world. This scheme would make it one of the safest.