YP Letters: Parties have duty to inform public of facts over EU vote

From: Mike Wynn, Driffield.

Actors from Shakespeare's Globe, stage a performance of Hamlet in front of dozens of refugees and migrants at "the Jungle" camp in Calais, France. The London-based theatre company took its world touring production of the Bard's timeless tragedy for a one-off performance at the sprawling site in northern France.

FOR the forthcoming referendum, while politicians tinker around the edges of EU rules and regulations, we should not only consider the overarching concepts of the EU but learn the lessons of history.

A vote based on just one aspect such as freedom of movement, environmental legislation or current renegotiations ignores the need for a holistic appreciation of the referendum issues. It is doubtful if many voters will have a full appreciation of those issues. It should be incumbent upon parties on both sides of the argument to inform us of the possible policies that would be pursued if we were to leave the EU and policies regarding the future direction of the EU.

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This referendum is a chance to vote according to one’s personal conviction, not along any party political lines.

From: Dr Glyn Powell, Goole.

BRITAIN has not regained its sovereignty. Neither has it regained control of its borders. Current record immigration figures are set to soar under David Cameron’s agreement. Similarly, UK businesses will remain hamstrung by Brussels red tape and silly diktats.

In the forthcoming EU referendum, Britons should vote to withdraw from the failed EU project. In 1975 politicians from all parties claimed that millions of jobs would be lost if we did not join the Common Market. We joined and – surprise, surprise – millions of jobs were lost and many industries decimated.

In the referendum campaign, politicians will again adopt scare tactics. Your readers should not fall for David Cameron’s hype.

From: John Watson, Leyburn.

OH for a Winston Churchill! Have we nobody with his oratory who can rouse the British people from their apathy towards Europe? I don’t care what David Cameron has brought home, I want my country to stay as a sovereign state with a sovereign Parliament. I am disappointed with my old MP William Hague. His opposition to Europe once cost him the job of party leader and he now appears to have changed his spots.

From: Les Arnott, Sheffield.

THE phrase done up like a kipper comes to mind. The EU mandarins were far too good for David Cameron. Taking the kinder view of Chamberlain returning from Munich in 1939 – at least he may have bought us a few extra months to prepare to fight Hitler. Cameron has only brought us trivialities.