YP Letters: Pensioners should take a stand over free TV licence

Does the BBC licence fee offer value for money?
Does the BBC licence fee offer value for money?
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From: Colin R Lancaster, Bradford Road, Guiseley, Leeds.

SO, the BBC is considering abolishing free TV for the 4.5 million (and growing) over-75s. Have they really thought this through? Do they really believe that those 4.5 million will take this lying down? What if a substantial number, if not a majority, of those 4.5 million decide to stand up to the BBC and refuse to pay a licence fee?

Can the BBC really afford the cost and inconvenience of chasing thousands of licence defaulters and the subsequent court cases? And, even if the BBC won its case and the defaulters were convicted, what sort of sentences is a judge likely to hand down to senior citizens, many with health or infirmity problems?

I, for one, will refuse to 
pay a licence fee for the benefit 
of a channel I rarely watch, 
while it continues to pay ludicrous and obscene salaries 
to people who were born 
with their brains in their boots and do little more than read an autocue or ask predetermined questions of some Z-list 

If the PM can run a country 
on a salary of around £150k 
then are BBC management, 
staff and presenters really worth more?

It is time for senior citizens to stand up to this outdated and profligate organisation.