YP Letters: Photo brings back memories of Roundhay Hall

From: Catherine Watson, Hatfield, Doncaster.

Former nurses at Roundhay Hall have held a reunion this week.

WITH reference to the article and photo ‘Nurses who trained together return to hospital 55 years on’ (The Yorkshire Post, January 30).

I was delighted to see the photograph of nurses returning to Roundhay Hall after 55 years.

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It brought back memories of my early life as our family lived opposite the Hall entrance on Jackson Avenue between 1939 and 1963 from my birth to getting married and moving away from Leeds.

There was a lodge at the entrance to the Hall in which the matron lived.

I remember her being rather fearsome – and woe betide any children that went into the grounds to play.

The Hall was surrounded by beautiful old trees and
the view from our house 
across the road was of a
rather forbidding mysterious forest.

I don’t ever remember walking up the drive to the Hall as that would have been deemed ‘very naughty’.

The first time I ever went up the drive to the Hall was after it became the Spire Hospital and I went to visit a relative who was having treatment there.

I’m sure the returning nurses will have enjoyed being back in the beautiful place in which they trained so many years ago.