YP Letters: Plan casts more doubt on Powerhouse vision

From: M E Wright, Harrogate.

Rishi Sunak has called for better transport links in Yorkshire. (JPress).

Once again, London seeks to run their “here-be-dragons land” on the cheap – this time it’s justice (The Yorkshire Post, March 17).

Yet another far-off suits and spreadsheets wheeze is properly dismissed by Rishi Sunak, the Richmond MP in Yorkshire, 
as “a paper exercise divorced from the reality of getting about (here)”.

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He has met Justice Minister Lucy Frazer; she is from Leeds. She must be well aware that most of us do not have chauffeur-driven BMWs, that much of our public transport continues to languish in the dark ages and that North Yorkshire is by far the largest county in England.

The rail link between Northallerton and Harrogate was scrapped in the 1960s and there never was one to Skipton.

Thanks to the supposed magic of the market and the stimulus of competition, North Yorkshire’s bus services are very much on a here-today, gone-tomorrow footing.

In the wider context, this latest Westminster disconnected ‘cunning plan’ casts further doubt on the truthfulness and veracity of the Northern Powerhouse.