YP Letters: Politicians should show us their CVs

Should prospective councillors in Sheffield have to publish full CVs?
Should prospective councillors in Sheffield have to publish full CVs?
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From: Anne Fletcher, Sheffield.

IN the past few weeks, I’ve received leaflets from a number of candidates standing in this year’s local elections telling me how bad or good Sheffield Labour is. One thing we never see is a copy of the CV of potential councillors.

I’m a hairdresser and the first thing we look at before we employ someone is their CV. This gives us an insight into their training, employment history, skills and experience so we can then choose whether to employ them. Surely we need to know that the people we’re electing to represent and run the city have the necessary skills to do so too?

What is the alternative? We vote blindly based on the party they represent or our perception of them in the media. I wouldn’t employ someone to cut the hair of our councillors based on the people they’re associated with or whether they declare themselves the best candidate in the media.

I’m guessing that running a city is more complex than cutting someone’s hair (though I know the high skill levels needed to be a good hairdresser). Surely we need to know that our future councillors have an understanding of how public services are provided, are able to make decisions based on conflicting opinions and view points and have the ability to relate well to people from different backgrounds? Don’t we also need to know that they’ll stand up to their political colleagues if they were doing something detrimental to their ward?

I hope any potential councillor reading this will publish their CV in the public domain, and enable voters to make an assessment on the most credible.

Explain this ugly sign to me

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

IT might be a small consolation to Tom Richmond that Leeds is not alone when it comes to the inept siting of traffic signs (The Yorkshire Post, March 24).

Despite the cutbacks of recent years, North Yorkshire County Council appears to have a bottomless pit of funding when it come to this.

Rumour has it that, in distant Northallerton, someone loads up a lorry with poles and signs and orders “plonk that lot somewhere in Harrogate.”

A classic among many, was when, for no apparent reason, a lone pole appeared in pedestrianised Oxford Street. More than two years later, they stuck a sign on it.

This was topped with an ugly solar-powered light, despite being bang opposite a powerful street lamp. It’s still there, though hardly a tourist attraction.

Is there some kind of costly rationale behind all this and if so, would someone please explain it?

Action needed on headlights

From: Canon Michael Storey, Healey Wood Road, Brighouse.

I AM one of the many drivers “being temporarily blinded by modern vehicle headlights” (The Yorkshire Post, March 24).

I was beginning to wonder if the problem was due to failing eyesight, being 81, but somewhat encouraged to learn that an RAC survey has found that two thirds of drivers are regularly dazzled by the new ‘white’ headlights on new cars. The dazzle is even worse under wet conditions with “streaks” on the windscreen and reflection from the wet road surface. This is a serious issue. Will the Government take note, please?

Don’t assume election win

From: Chas Stewart, Skipton.

WHAT arrogance of Dan Jarvis to treat the electors in his Barnsley constituency and the voters in the new Sheffield City Region with equal disdain by thinking that he can hold both the job of the Barnsley Central MP and new Mayor of Sheffield City Region.

At least presumptuous Labour has decided ‘if’ its candidate in Sheffield were to get elected, he must surrender any other public office. But why not wait for the electors in the city region to decide? They may reject him anyway. I’m reminded of the famous Spartan reply when threatened by the Macedonians, in about 300BC, of a massacre if they were defeated. ‘If...’ was the reply.

Dangers of flood plains

From: Mike Lowry, Cookridge.

RE planting trees to help alleviate flood risk.

Please Councillor Judith Blake, don’t try to fool the people of Leeds by this initiative, whilst simultaneously permitting building on flood plains such as Moseley (Soggy) Bottom in Cookridge.

The removal of this natural soak-away site and filling it with thousands of tonnes of building materials will add to flooding lower downstream, and there will be little that any new trees can do to stop it.

Plea over Ouse source stone

From: DH Bond, Featherstone.

WHAT a nice story regarding the source of the Ouse (The Yokshire Post, March 24).

Let’s hope whichever 
authority it belongs to sees the story and takes action regarding the stone.

It would be a fitting tribute to the people who discovered it and not to mention the time and trouble they took to walk the 52 miles following the source of the Ouse – well done to Chris Binns and his friends.

If nothing else, it may encourage others to uncover forgotten treasures.

Low comedy is red in hue

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

IS it just me or has anybody else noticed that all gutter comedians are socialist?