YP Letters: Popular seaside towns like Scarborough show signs of decline

The Futurist Theatre in Scarborough.
The Futurist Theatre in Scarborough.
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From: Wendy Abbott, Hull.

I RECENTLY stayed in Scarborough and was surprised to see the once popular Futurist Theatre looking in a very sorry state (The Yorkshire Post, October 10). Because of the adjoining properties, wouldn’t it be difficult to demolish or modernise the building?

A project of this size would require a sizeable budget, money which the council may not have in the present economic climate. Similarly the site of the old open air swimming pool is now derelict. I did observe that there were a lot of people in Scarborough and the sea front shops appeared to being doing a brisk trade.

However, when it comes to holiday destinations, people have broadened their horizons and now travel abroad and the money is spent elsewhere. This problem is not endemic to Scarborough.

As a former resident of Southport, my husband and I returned for a visit recently and looking around the problems in Southport are almost identical to those which Scarborough is now experiencing.

Unfortunately there isn’t enough money coming into our coastal towns to keep on top of the maintenance and re-development which is required.

Nevertheless I’m confident that Scarborough Council is doing the best that they can in difficult circumstances.