YP Letters: Raworth a reminder of misadventures on the open road in my Beetle

Sophie Raworth
Sophie Raworth
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From: Jarvis Browning, Main Street, Fadmoor, York.

In relation to Sophie Raworth’s memories of her first car (The Yorkshire Post, Motoring, September 1) and using it in France, my own VW Beetle story was a bit more adventurous.

When I acquired one in Australia, my first mishap was having a few punctures in one day and having the spare one on with another tyre going down very slowly, which I had to stop and pump up as and when I could on the freeway.

The second mishap was when the engine caught fire late on Christmas Eve on a outback road. With no water to put the fire out and limited sand, as it was too gritty, the only option left was to relieve myself on it. That did put the fire out!

I sorted the bare wires out and restarted the engine and drove on to where I was staying, after sorting a lift for the passenger who refused to travel in the Beetle again. When I came to sell it I just got back what I bought it for. I still did not find out where the battery was until much later in life!

From: Jenny Eaves, Balby, Doncaster.

It was lovely to read Sophie Raworth’s reminiscences about her first car. A first car is a ticket to freedom and opens up a world of possibilities.