YP Letters: Remain by another name has destroyed May’s credibility

Andrea Jenkyns is the Morley and Outwood MP.
Andrea Jenkyns is the Morley and Outwood MP.
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From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

IN Parliament last week, Morley and Outwood MP Andrea Jenkyns asked: “Prime Minister, at what point was it decided that Brexit means Remain?” The video shows Theresa May squirming and smirking, before falling back on soundbites like “Brexit means Brexit” (Bill Carmichael, The Yorkshire Post, July 20). Is there anyone left who still trusts Mrs May?

She has lost all credibility, just as Tony Blair did. Plainly the Robbins White Paper presented to Parliament on July 12 is Remain by another name – just read the Executive Summary. For almost every part of the existing EU treaties we supposedly “leave”, it proposes that we will re-join via new treaties and agreements.

But look at what Mrs May did in order to spring this on her Cabinet. She authorised the preparation of two papers, keeping one secret from not just the country, but even her own Ministers. It’s not even party over country, the normal course for spiv PMs. No wonder Messrs Davis, Baker and Johnson resigned when they realised just how much she’d deceived them.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THE Conservatives made a huge mistake when David Cameron deserted his post after the vote to leave the EU by electing a Remainer like Theresa May to replace him.

They should have seen that she would do her utmost to tie us to the EU in some way, possibly in the hope she could make us creep back into it by the back door. They would have done far better to pick David Davis or even the clownish Boris Johnson. I will never vote for the Tories while she leads the party.

From: AJA Smith, Cowling, Keighley.

KEN Cooke argues that Australia, New Zealand and Canada do so well economically as non-EU members because they are members of a regional trading organisation. And, he curiously extrapolates; this is the reason we must remain members of the EU (The Yorkshire Post, July 19).

He completely ignores the fact that Canada has a free trade agreement with the EU without the exorbitant costs of membership and no surrender 
of sovereignty.

It is not the EU that is being difficult in the Brexit negotiations; it is the combination of a Government that feels it is having to deliver Brexit rather than wanting to, and hardcore Remainer MPs who are determined to overturn Brexit.