YP Letters: Remain could not be on ballot in a vote on final EU deal

Calls for a second referendum on Brexit have been challenged by readers.
Calls for a second referendum on Brexit have been challenged by readers.
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From: Alan Machin, Doncaster.

JAMES Bovington (The Yorkshire Post, April 18) makes a case for a ‘Peoples’ Vote’ giving a choice to accept the Brexit deal eventually agreed, exit the EU with no deal or remain in the EU.

He ignores the fact that the decision to leave was made by the people in 2016. If the people were to vote again, it would be on whether to accept the negotiated deal or just to go straight to WTO rules, which would not involve paying money into the EU.

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

HOW silly and naive can Remainers get with their demand for a second referendum?

I know that many have this belittling concept that Brexiteers are latter-day lemmings on our unimpeded descent over the cliffs of Dover.

We certainly would be if this giant con-trick was to be accepted.

I just wonder how these sanctimonious Remainers can be so obsessed with Brussels that they continue to thwart, and even sabotage, the Government team attempting to negotiate a decent settlement in these extremely difficult waters.

From: AJA Smith, Wainmans Close, Cowling, Keighley.

DAVE Brown of Migration Yorkshire enthuses that “migration is part of our everyday lives and on the whole has benefited and enriched Yorkshire” (The Yorkshire Post, April 17).

My response to this would be to suggest that it is not in least bit obvious to me that we have benefited and been enriched, and, therefore, could we have more evidence to substantiate this claim? Perhaps an opinion poll would be a good start.

From: Don Wood, Howden.

TO clear up the obvious confusion for Remain-supporting correspondents, we were asked on June 23, 2016, to vote for leaving or remaining in the EU. We could not vote for anything else as there was nothing else on the ballot paper.

There was no hard or soft Brexit, no transition period and no second referendum.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

TO my mind we are negotiating far too much with the EU over Brexit.

Let’s not forget there is a whole world out there ready and willing to trade with us.

We don’t need to bow down to the demands of Europe any longer.