YP Letters: Remainers ignore the ‘democracy deficit’ within the EU

From: Brian Johnston, Rigton Drive, Leeds.

Union flags fly in front of Parliament during a Brexit debate.
Union flags fly in front of Parliament during a Brexit debate.

I HAVE lost count of how many times I’ve been told, that because I reject the EU, I’m anti-European. I am passionate about Europe as any Remainer – its people, culture, history, but not the EU. I value my Polish, French and Spanish friends here, but not free movement. I have crossed the Channel, long before the EU with passport/visa – no hassle – but against open borders and no checks.

Therefore, I am an Anglophile, part of the ‘somewheres’, as against Europhiles, part of the ‘anywheres’ that Theresa May named the ‘citizens of nowhere’.

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Many of us have close Remainer friends, and its odd how they ignore the EU’s ‘democratic deficit’. There is an old joke in Brussels that ‘if the EU was a country applying to join itself, it would be rejected on the grounds of being insufficiently democratic’. The joke understates the problem.

From: Mr L Brook, Leeds.

BREXIT has become an embarrassment caused by incompetence. Brussels has steadily and stealthily taken over 27 other counties, and successive UK governments have allowed this.

We had the backbone to refuse to surrender our currency, and just over two years ago the public were given a chance to speak. The democratic vote was to leave. We should leave immediately with no payments or “deals”. The alternative is honesty, admit we are a United State of Europe and that our only purpose is to comply with Brussels.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

THE referendum vote came as a nasty shock to the Establishment which continues to intensify its campaign warning of the unsupportable dangers of Brexit in any form.

Unfortunately the vote 
arrived at a moment when we lack any real leader and when Parliament has become a kindergarten with no sense of responsibility.

I begin to fear that we are doomed to subjugations of the EU for centuries to come. Glad I shan’t be here to see it.

From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab), Grimsby.

I AM pleased that my MP, Melanie Onn, has said she doesn’t want a second referendum on the future of Britain’s EU membership. For we had a vote in 2016, when more turned out than for any recent General Election. To go back on this would be an affront to democracy, and leave a bad taste in the mouth.