YP Letters: A rubbish experience in Haworth

From: Brian Kettel, Bottomboat Road, Stanley, Wakefield.

Visitors to Haworth walk up and down the famous cobbled main street.

JUST before Easter, my family had the pleasure of visiting Haworth. The Parsonage was excellent and the staff wonderful.

However, regarding the path leading to the church from the upper coach and car park, you need to be made aware of the negative impression this gives to visitors at one of Yorkshire’s foremost attractions.

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We parked our car there and were met by toxic smoke coming from the very rough smallholding on the top of the fields, on the left as you walked down the path.

Further down the path, on the right hand side, there again were very poor and untidy smallholdings, with piles of rubbish dotted around.

We were shocked at the lack of respect the owners of these properties show to the national treasure on their doorstep and also those dog owners who leave their bags of dog dirt festooning the church railings.

Surely the local council can insist on better standards?

Our poor impressions were compounded by the fact that there were several groups of French school children wandering up the path and observing the mess.

What an embarrassment for me, my family, Haworth and Yorkshire.