YP Letters: Second class strategy for Leeds’s transport issues

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

The future of bus services in Leeds continues to prompt much debate.

LEEDS councillor Carmel Harrison asks if reliable and affordable bus services are too much to ask.

The answer must be ‘yes’ for as long as Westminster remains wedded to mindless, long discredited bleats of ‘competition’ (The Yorkshire Post, February 6).

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For far too long, MPs representing Leeds have failed to give robust support to the city council in transport matters.

Repeated denials of adequate funding ended, 30 years later, in a desultory £137m with nothing more than token protest.

Leeds has higher levels of air pollution than London, yet the latest “transformation” consists of another second class strategy, using second class technology.

Once again, more diesel buses are the answer.

We’re told that these are the ‘ultra-low emission’ type.

They will only remain so, subject to regular maintenance, which dents profits and displeases shareholders.

Just up the road in LS25, all-electric double deckers are being made; but not for Leeds. Why?