YP Letters: Shameful for Theresa May to blame MPs for not supporting Brexit deal

From: Dave Haskell, Cardigan.

The scene in the House of Commons during one of the many Brexit debates.

MICHAEL Gove was devastatingly correct when he said Jeremy Corbyn is about the worst possible leader to lead the Labour Party, but now Michael Gove needs to look in the mirror and admit that Theresa May is also about the worst possible person to lead the Conservative Party.

Surely historians will label this stubborn and foolish woman the Betrayer of Britannia – a democratic vote by the public over two years ago resulted in telling the ruling elite that they clearly wanted to leave the EU – so why is Theresa May now pursuing ‘her deal’ which nobody voted for?

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It is shameful that she blames both Parliament and the EU for not fully supporting ‘her deal’ – indeed, she should take on board that it is only a weak, inept and shameless captain that blames the crew when the ship strikes an iceberg!

At the next election, voters should seriously consider voting for Ukip, thereby giving a very much deserved kick up the proverbial to our spineless and incompetent so-called representatives – there is absolutely nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain, if we all have the wit and courage to make this decision.

From: John Riseley, Harcourt Drive, Harrogate.

TAKING no-deal off the table would be to confirm that from day one the EU has held a veto over Brexit, to be exercised simply by making a “best offer” worse than Remain (as some treacherous Remainers have long urged them to do). Was the winning option on our referendum ballot paper “Leave subject to EU permission”?

The EU may speak of upholding their rules and their four freedoms. These are well and good for those who want them all, but there is no rational basis for making it all-or-none.

They had the choice of offering us a deal of mutual interest or a punitive one. The latter was always a possibility and is not sufficient reason for us to capitulate now.

Many of those MPs saying that a real Brexit cannot be contemplated will have been among the 544 who voted for the EU Referendum Act 2015. Did they feel so differently then or did they perpetrate a cynical deception upon the British public; pretending to offer a choice when they would only accept one answer, claiming to delegate power on this question while only dangling it before us?

If the latter, then their honesty and honour fall short of the level which should be required in public life.