YP Letters: Stop the tax-dodgers to pay for NHS services

How should the NHS be remedied?
How should the NHS be remedied?
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From: AH Roberts, Harrogate.

RE NHS funding (Bernard Ingham, The Yorkshire Post, May 9).

Collect the tax due from tax-avoiding wealthy individuals 
and corporations and the NHS will not have to charge the many for the benefit of a few or arbitrarily place restrictions on operations and drugs. Abuse of the system is a separate 

Private-sector hospitals lack intensive care facilities and rely on the NHS and the sector cherry-picks the most profitable procedures and makes no or little contribution to training.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

SIR Bernard Ingham writes a lot of sense about the NHS. Why, therefore, did Margaret Thatcher not follow his sage advice? Do tell.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

ONE of the great scandals of these times is the postcode lottery over the care of cancer patients.

There needs to be clarity on what patients have a right to expect – too much is left to chance.

It’s not a lucky dip, it’s a matter of life and death.