YP Letters: Stronger action needed on fly-tipping scourge

What more can be done to combat flytipping?
What more can be done to combat flytipping?
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From: Sarah Lee, Head of Policy, Countryside Alliance.

THE Countryside Alliance welcomes the commitment to review the current punishments for the illegal disposal of waste, but is concerned that if stronger action is not taken then we will continue to see fly-tipping increasing every year.

We must all work harder to fight this blight.

Farmers and landowners must report any suspicious activity and put in place prevention measures to make it more difficult for people to fly-tip on their land.

But this must be backed up by local authorities using the full force of the law against those who fly-tip and strengthening the law where appropriate.

From: Stephanie Peacock, MP for Barnsley East.

FLY-TIPPING is a scourge that causes financial and environmental damage to our community because of criminal individuals and companies.

The slashing of budgets by this Tory government has hit local authorities hard, and that’s 
why I called for our local authorities to be provided with the resources to tackle fly-tipping, and the powers to take a zero tolerance approach which will truly deter anybody from undertaking this damaging criminal activity.