YP Letters: Superficial look at Scarborough fails to see problems

What is the future of Scarborough?
What is the future of Scarborough?
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From: Bob Roberts, Tuthill, Scarborough.

JAYNE Dowle’s article regarding Yorkshire’s seaside resorts paints a rather superficial picture of the plight of Scarborough as a resort (The Yorkshire Post, February 11).

Jayne Dowle: Seaside resorts are jewel in Yorkshire’s crown and must move forward

Having spent over £4m (and rising) of taxpayers’ money on the demolition of the Futurist Theatre, with the prophecies of damage from piling to shore up the surrounding bankside now becoming a stark reality, property owners around the site are aghast.

We have here a local council entirely blind to anything other than tourism.

They seem to think that, with our money, they can spend their way back to prosperity, while at the same time utilising the excuse of “austerity” to cut back on services and thereby failing to provide all the things any responsible council should consider the bedrock of its true function.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

ACCESS to Scarborough will only improve when the A64 is dualled east of York.

Relying on the train service will always be a non-starter with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling in charge.