YP Letters: Theakston brewing family has all ingredients for success

From: William G Cowan, Milford, Ontario, Canada.

Black Sheep Brewery remains synonymous with Yorkshire.
Black Sheep Brewery remains synonymous with Yorkshire.

REGARDING changes to be made at the Black Sheep Brewery, I first met up with the Theakston family in 1968 while visiting England with my wife Sally. We were married in 1967 and this was considered a second honeymoon.

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The Theakstons have a long history of brewing quality beer and this has continued to this day. A finer, more knowledgeable family of brewing entreprenueurs cannot be found anywhere in the UK, or perhaps in the world. The disgruntled shareholder that I have not met has obviously an untutored definition of “maximizing shareholders wealth”. Share values are not always related to the bottom line nor in the payment of dividends.

The very successful and longlasting firms have many ingredients that build share wealth. It may be things such as market share, environmental protection, consumer health and the list goes on. It is never all about the numbers! The current management team, Rob and Joe Theakston, are dynamic young men that any company would want to lead the way into our unpredictable future. Like Paul and John before them, and Frank before them, this iconic family will do what ever it takes to brew and deliver A quality product to their thirsty customers.