YP Letters: Time for Britain to have its own car industry

The Honda plant at Swindon is due to shut in 2021.
The Honda plant at Swindon is due to shut in 2021.
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From: Graham Branston, Emmott Drive, Rawdon.

JUST a line to thank you for publishing my letter (The Yorkshire Post, February 21) suggesting Britain develops its own large-scale car manufacturing industry in response to Honda’s decision to close its Swindon plant. Over the years, The Yorkshire Post has published several of my letters, but this one seems to have gained pleasing support.

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I received a letter from a reader in Malton who thought it was a well thought-out suggestion and wanted my permission to send a copy of it to his MP – very flattering! Having seen many great industries decline so tragically with ensuing unemployment – I was born in a steel town, Stocksbridge, that was badly-hit by structural unemployment – it really is time we started rebuilding our industrial base. Let’s make Britain great again.

From: JA King, Sheffield.

I FIND it amazing that the EU can do a free trade deal with Japan but not with the UK. Now is that because the UK stacks up loads of cash for the EU – and they just want to keep the UK in the union to keep the cash rolling in, and to keep control of us?