YP Letters: To refuse a second Brexit referendum is a denial of democracy

Justine Greening set out her vision for a second referendum in The Yorkshire Post last Saturday.
Justine Greening set out her vision for a second referendum in The Yorkshire Post last Saturday.
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From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley.

BOTH Sir John Major and Justine Greening MP (two Conservatives for whom I have respect) have called for a “People’s Vote” (in effect a second referendum) on Britain’s membership of the EU.

It is now over two years since the first referendum and the UK electorate has been able to learn a lot more about the pros and cons of Brexit than they knew in June 2016.

What has become clear in the intervening years is that the Brexiteers had no common plan as to what to do if they won and that the promises that they made to voters were false and could never be fulfilled.

Despite this, Theresa May and her Government have set their face hard against any second referendum.

This betrays, I think, the weakness of their position. “Leave” won in a deeply flawed vote with, amongst other things, a gerrymandered franchise.

Re-run the vote with a now better informed public and better bulwarks against the sort of lies that were influential last time, and Remain would surely win. Opinion polls show that the tectonic plates of public opinion have already shifted.

To attempt to refuse a second vote at this point is not an endorsement of democracy – it is a flat denial.

From: Ian Laidlaw Wilson, White Street, Selby.

LIKE the iceberg that Titanic encountered, this now strange country needs to put the engines into reverse with regard to the doomed Brexit (which, by the way, sounds like a breakfast cereal).

The future isolation of this country will spawn a land of cheap labour and homelessness for the poor.

The biggest victims will be the young who had been told in school to learn another language so they can travel around Europe to work and live.

This breakfast cereal will be so hard to swallow and all because of the set attitude of the property-rich baby boomers who seem to hark back to a semi-colonial past where cap-doffing was the norm and poverty was everywhere.

There needs to be a huge campaign to stay in the EU 
for future generations who 
are happy to use their education to break down barriers across not just Europe, but the world.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

JACOB Rees-Mogg should watch his back. Apparently he is in the same firing line as Chris Grayling from Tom Richmond’s comments (The Yorkshire Post, July 21).