YP Letters: Twenty million would back Remain in second Brexit referendum if 16 and 17-year-olds given vote

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From: James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth, Leeds.

YOUR correspondent Mike O’Sullivan accuses a number of Labour MPs of faking sincerity (The Yorkshire Post, February 2) as they rightly campaign for a second referendum while claiming to respect the outcome of the first.

Should there be a second referendum on Brexit?

Should there be a second referendum on Brexit?

Of course the result of the first referendum is being respected. No one is ignoring it, more’s the pity, as it steals from me and millions of others the right to live, work and study elsewhere in Europe and to develop a shared mission of peace and prosperity for our continent.

The strident voices of the wealthy right-wing Eurosceptics dripped with the honey of fake sincerity as they claimed amongst various other bits of unbelievable nonsense that the UK would be able to ‘have its trade cake and eat it’, and that others would be falling over themselves to secure even better trade deals with us than those that we already have in the EU.

Others describe how Donald Trump is itching to give us the best trade deal ever this side of the asteroid belt, oblivious to the fact that firstly he doesn’t have the power, Congress does, and that actually there is no guarantee that dastardly Donald will still be in charge when the trade deal comes up for signature.

So, as responsible elected representatives, the MPs cited correctly suggest that their constituents might like to think again. If the result of a further referendum is to leave, then I will never submit a letter calling for EU membership again. However if young people aged 16 and 17 were also allowed to vote – and why not as they plan apprenticeships and university places that offer the chance to study throughout the EU? – I predict 20 million voting ‘Remain’. So bring it on. What are Leavers frightened of? Democracy?

From: Dave Ellis, Hedon.

WHEN will the 650 members of the House of Commons instigate the instruction of 17.4 million voters to leave the EU?

Watching days of debates and PMQs on Wednesdays, where the same performers ask Theresa May the same question in a different way, takes me back to my childhood days when I went to see Charlie Cairoli at Blackpool Tower Circus – not much difference!

From: B Murray, Grenoside Grange Close, Sheffield.

ANDREW Vine (The Yorkshire Post, February 4) implies that we seem to have a Prime Minister who is totally incapable of running the country and especially Brexit – let us hope that other Parliamentarians are capable of making decisions without her.