YP Letters: UK locked in a power struggle that must include fossil fuels

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From: Dr Bev Wilkinson, White Grove, Roundhay, Leeds.

THERE are signs that the new Government may be waking up to the reality of the dire power conundrum the UK is facing.

Twenty years of short termism and dithering by successive administrations has left us in the weakest position since the Second World War.

The vacillation of politicians, and desire to appease the green lobby, means that we are at a serious disadvantage to all our international trade competitors in terms of cost and availability of reliable power for home and industry.

Despite erroneous messages to the contrary, the fact is that some form of fossil-fuelled power is essential as the mainstay of the base load of our electricity supply for the foreseeable future

Our dependable sources of supply are largely on their last legs. Our current nuclear plant is near the end of its useful life, coal has been carbon taxed, almost to oblivion, and no new gas plant is currently commercially viable.

An increasing body of informed opinion (the latest being the boss of ScottishPower) shares Theresa May’s doubts about the wisdom of the new Hinkley project, and wind power can vary from one to 20 per cent of our supply within hours, making it a nightmare for the National Grid to handle.

I recently travelled from York to Doncaster by rail and passed close to Drax, Ferrybridge and Eggborough. All were dormant apart from some – mainly biomass – generation from Drax. Together these have, or had, the capability of twice the projected output of Hinkley, but the penal UK-imposed carbon tax has prematurely cut them off at their knees.

Meanwhile Germany, India, China, South Africa, Russia, Australia and others are commissioning new coal-fired plants and America has fracked gas to produce power, all well below our cost to consumers.

As consumers and more importantly, voters, we need to insist on our politicians accepting that the delusion that we can dispense with fossil powered electricity must end, and soon. To make Brexit work, an affordable and reliable power supply for industry and households must be seen as a national priority.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

TONY Blair should keep his mouth shut on the outcome of the Brexit vote (The Yorkshire Post, September 2). He took no notice of public opinion when leading us into a disastrous Iraq war and continues to deny that the public were right to vote to come out of the EU.