YP Letters: Is the UK ultimately destined for a Norway-plus deal?

From: Bryan Burgess, Birch Drive, Willerby, Hull.

A pro-Brexit leave the European Union supporter demonstrates with placards outside the Houses of Parliament.
A pro-Brexit leave the European Union supporter demonstrates with placards outside the Houses of Parliament.

I REALLY feel sorry for Theresa May and admire her tenacity – she’s been on a hiding to nothing with our current rubbish of wishful thinkers in Parliament. So where do we go from here?

The range of possible outcomes includes no-deal, Plan A plus or minus, a Norway-plus deal, a Canada-plus deal, a Swiss-plus deal, a People’s Vote, a second referendum, suspend Article 50 or a General Election. God forbid the latter.

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t come out of this without dirt on his face either – he’s letting down all the Northern workers who were most against the EU by his politicking for an election with the hope of getting into power.

My guess, putting my clairvoyant hat on, is that we 
will finish up with a kind of Norway-plus deal which would leave us unable to make our own trade deals but it would allow us to leave the Common Agricultural and Fisheries policies as well as the 
jurisdiction of the ECJ, but it would mean the retention of free movement.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

THERE is an old joke that the EU is so keen on democracy that it keeps you voting until you get the right answer. It is shameful that some of our MPs will so traduce the mother of Parliaments as to take us down that banana-republic road.

We get it that the Establishment (Civil Service, MPs, Lords, the big corporate bosses and BBC) didn’t approve of the way we voted. But we did. And that cannot be wished away however hard the establishment tries. No one in their right minds could suppose that if Remain had won by 52 to 48 per cent, then two and a half years later the Government would be actually attempting to reverse it.

So why does Parliament try to keep us locked in when we voted to leave the EU? It is making the UK the laughing stock of the world as MPs desperately seek ever more lurid ways to keep us under EU control. Enough. Enough. Leave voters, and probably even a majority of Remain voters by now, want this cheating to end. Parliament was given a specific, legal, and democratic mandate to leave the EU treaties. They should get on with it.

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield.

THE result of the referendum two and a half years ago was to Leave the European Union. A no-deal Brexit is what to Leave means. Deals must be negotiated after we have left. Simple as that.