YP Letters: On the verge of madness over ragwort invasion

From: Angela Holdsworth, West Garth, Sherburn, Malton.

Complaints about ragwort along the A64 have gone unheeded.
Complaints about ragwort along the A64 have gone unheeded.

I SENT a complaint form to Natural England about the amount of ragwort being allowed to grow on the grass verges on the A64 between Saxton and Rillington.

I included the map references, but not a map as it is almost 11 miles. Also I did not contact the County Council as they would only say “it’s the bats”.

My form was returned as “incomplete”. After an annoying phone call to Natural England, I ended up hanging up.

They needed a map so the surveyor knew where to go. I was told I should go to Google for a map and also contact the council.

I explained I am nearly 80 and have no computer, but had supplied map references. As the phone call became more and more ludicrous. I hung up. So much for protecting our countryside from invasive weeds.

From: Jon Duke, Malton.

THANK you Tom Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, August 13) for making the case for widening 
the A64 from York to Scarborough.

Can he explain what our MPs have been doing for all this time?

I thought there might have been some progress when Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill was a transport Minister.