YP Letters: Visit to theatre turned into Leeds parking drama

From: Philip Johnson, Otley

How should parking rules be enforced?

I ATTEMPTED to park in Grafton Street in Leeds the other evening, which I had done several times before, as it gives good access for the Grand Theatre.

The parking meter would not accept money and I did not have my telephone or credit card with me, so could not use the alternative method of paying at the time.

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I later registered with the telephone pay system, which took several minutes, all charged at an above average rate for the call.

I then found that the parking actually cost £3.45 instead of £3 if I had paid by cash.

I appreciate the council is short of money and by reducing the number of machines will save on collection fees etc.

But in future am I going to have to pay for a phone call and then pay extra to park?

What about those drivers who do not have phones or credit cards?

Is this really how the citizens of Leeds should be treated?

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

GIVEN all the money Leeds Council rakes in from parking charges, shouldn’t it be spent on more attendants to enforce current restrictions and the need to take action against those who flout the rules and, in doing so, block busy roads?