YP Letters: We are well-positioned to thrive as EU only faces collapse

What now for Brexit?
What now for Brexit?
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From: Philip Bartey, Lower Wyke Green, Bradford.

After all the rhetoric by doom-mongers claiming the UK economy would collapse as a consequence of Brexit preparations, where are we now?

The UK economy is ahead of Spain, Italy and Germany.

The EU and Italy are at loggerheads following Italy’s slide into recession. Spain has announced a snap general election.

Forecasters are predicting the collapse of the EU. The yellow jackets are threatening to bring down the French government.

Italy and France are at loggerheads with each other. The EU is in disarray.

Is this the European Union that some wish to remain a party to?

The UK has already lined up several trading relationships outside the EU and President Trump has announced even greater trading arrangements will be swiftly set up between the UK and US benefitting manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and technology for starters worth some £12.8bn
whilst some Brits are still 
crying about the threat posed 
by the import of bleached chickens.

The Italian government has approached the UK as it wants to preserve and build upon the great trade that currently exists between our two countries post-Brexit by forming a bilateral trading agreement.

I think we will find more EU countries wishing to follow Italy’s lead to ensure trading arrangements between the UK are established to maintain continuity.

I predict the EU will lose its legitimacy and collapse into a black hole.

The future will be driven 
by business and the people, 
and less by shambolic 
politicians who have collectively lost legitimacy and trust 
with the people across the expanse of the EU including here in the UK.

Trading arrangements will take place post-Brexit because there is too much at stake.

There are three forces in play that will thwart any kind 
of disruptive political game playing.

Firstly, the people of 
Europe and the UK have 
found their voice and spoken in favour of change.

Secondly, businesses will continue to do business 
with each other, driven by 
market demand, and thirdly 
the human and business 
desire for self-preservation 
will ensure that the UK 
and individual nations 
will thrive post-Brexit with 
or without an EU deal.