YP Letters: We must fight One Yorkshire snub in courts

What now for Yorkshire devolution?
What now for Yorkshire devolution?
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From: Diana Wallis, Former Lib Dem MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber.

We should not accept the flawed decision by James Brokenshire, the Communities Secretary, to reject ‘One Yorkshire’ devolution.

The Yorkshire Post says: Heed Archbishop and stand firm over One Yorkshire devolution

Both the manner in which it was delivered and communicated show a contempt for our county, but beyond that it is highly questionable legally.

It is a non-decision, a statement in a simple letter, without proper reasoning, referring to criteria which do not exist; the Minister appears to constrain his own power to act when he is under no such obligation.

Yorkshire should not accept this rotten and dismissive manner of government decision-making.

It needs to be legally challenged.

The 18 Yorkshire local authorities should make an application for a judicial review through the courts.

If they don’t have the courage, why not a crowd-funded action by a diverse and interested group on behalf of people of Yorkshire? What do we think?