YP Letters: We need fracking – and reliable facts on risks

Fracking continues to divide opinion.
Fracking continues to divide opinion.
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From: Gerry Vickers, Poole Lane, Burton Salmon, Leeds.

I HAVE just read Sir Bernard Ingham’s recent article in favour of fracking and agreed with almost everything he says. The gas-fired power stations have a leading part to play for at least the next 10 years in keeping the lights on and it would be a great comfort if we had our own gas supply.

I then read GP Taylor’s contribution against fracking. He said that American people are reeling from it, and that many believe that ground water has been polluted.

Many people believe in astrology, haunted houses and clairvoyance but it is not provable that such things are true. It would be simpler to send someone to America, with a film crew, to those areas which are reeling from fracking and to take some footage that we can all look at.

It is the unknown that everyone worries about, and there is no excuse for not giving us the facts from America.

From: Jane Marsh, York.

NO, the Government was totally wrong to overrule local councils on fracking exploration. They care not at all about their constituents and there should be an inquiry into how this was lobbied and who is making money out of this. All the Tories care about is lining their pockets.