YP Letters: We won't go quietly in arguing against the Brexit disaster

From: John Hall, Pennithorne Avenue, Baildon, Shipley.

A Pro-EU membership supporter walks outside the High Court, where lawyers are battling over whether the government has the power to trigger Britain's exit from the European Union without approval from Parliament. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

I’M tired of Brexiteers demanding that we Remainers get behind (as yet, still non-existent) plans to leave the EU on the basis of an “advisory” referendum won by an insignificant majority undoubtedly swayed by lies and false promises.

Why should we encourage our economic decline and possible – even probable – break-up of the UK on the basis of an “advisory” referendum thus won?

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Our most successful export – financial services – will not thrive without “passporting arrangements” in the rest of Europe and as financial firms relocate there.

How will it benefit us being able to import more goods from where we choose?

Thanks partly to the Thatcherite philosophy, we import many goods that we once produced ourselves, and ironically, thanks to the Thatcherites’ privatisations, many service industries such as water, power and transport are now foreign-owned.

The lunatics really have taken over the asylum, but this Remoaner will not be joining them.

From: Laurence J Sowden, Far Lane, Kettlewell.

IF the result of the referendum had been 50.1 per cent remain and 49.9 per cent leave, would John Cole (The Yorkshire Post, October 12) and his ilk be arguing that the Prime Minister should ignore the result? Methinks not.

One fears for democracy with the likes of these remainers about which is precisely why they are so besotted with the EU. A corrupt organisation with respect for nothing other than their federal agenda.

From: Dr John P Whiteley, Stonedale Close, Pool-in-Wharfedale.

AM I the only one who is sick of the moaning from the Remainers? I like to categorise them into four types.

The arrogant, who cannot believe anyone could possibly disagree with them, as typified by the metropolitan elite and 
the BBC.

The scared, those who want to hold on tight to nurse for fear of finding something worse. The selfish, what’s going to happen to my villa in Spain or gite in France, my euro bank account?

The plain dim, I still want to go on holiday in Europe, will I still be able to get my Brie and buy a Volkswagen?

Get over it. You lost. How dare you question the result of a democratic election?