YP Letters: Weasel words behind call for new poll on Brexit

Parliamentary sovereignty is at the heart of the Brexit battle.
Parliamentary sovereignty is at the heart of the Brexit battle.
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From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

WHAT are the arguments for and against a second referendum or the so-called “People’s Vote – a weasel title the Remain lobby use to give it the ring of democracy?

Their default chorus is the accusation of false claims such as the NHS slogan inscribed on the side of the campaign bus that Remainers have tediously exploited to the point of cerebral stupor.

They omit to recite the predictions of economic and social doom that they forecast would occur almost immediately after the referendum. All but one, a drop in the pound, turned out to be false.

And it is rarely emphasised that the full and massive weight of the Establishment, including Government forces, were mobilised to achieve a Remain vote.

The continual repetition of the so-called wafer-thin voting margin never takes into account that every geo-political region in England, apart from London, voted to leave, including the well-to-do South-East.

The result reflected the long term animosity that the English public felt towards the self-serving control freaks in the European Commission that remorselessly attempted to diminish national identity and override our Government and Parliament.

Remain assert that voters didn’t understand the complexities of withdrawal and things have changed. That is true.

But escape from the EU was, and is being made all the more improbable, by the peevish, arrogant, undermining activity of those sanctimonious Remain groups that could never accept a contrary democratic decision not even if it were tattooed on their faces.

Moreover, we all seem to have forgotten the promises that the vast majority of prominent Remain campaigners, including Nick Clegg and David Cameron, made proclaiming the result of the vote would be irreversible.

I believe if the People’s Vote goes ahead, the foundations of democracy will have suffered a seismic blow!

From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

THE naivety of Labour is beyond belief – they are sponsored by, and funded by, the trade unions who, if they were in negotiations with their employers, would not rule out strike action as a negotiating tool to strengthen their arm at the negotiation table..

So why does Labour (Yvette Cooper, The Yorkshire Post, January 25) want Theresa May 
to remove the threat of a 
no-deal Brexit from the table while still trying to negotiate with the EU?

Labour should take some lessons from their masters.

The main problem with the EU is the only one party wants to negotiate – and that’s the UK.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

WHEN, if ever, did you hear any optimistic forecast for life after Brexit?

We supporters of Brexit are confident of our ability to create a new and glorious future for our country.

Demise of meat eating

From: Chris Ramus, Harrogate.

BACK in the 1970s and 80s, Harrogate had dozens of local butcher’s shops (as most areas had). Now there are less than 10 in the whole area.

Meanwhile the growth of nail bars, ladies’ hairdressers and beauticians has rocketed.

The demise of the butcher’s shop has also brought about the loss of the wholesale meat markets and abattoirs that 
every large city or town had.

Now there are only a 
handful of abattoirs and they have to be hidden from the public in case of animal rights protesters.

I was recently in the company of a young couple who are 

They openly admitted that they are bringing up their children to believe that “meat is the work of the devil”.

I did, however, point out that they were both wearing leather shoes and belts and the husband had a leather jacket.

They said they realised it was a “double standard” attitude.

With these changing attitudes towards meat, is it any wonder that we are witnessing the demise of the independent butcher?

Little trust in academies

From: John Appleyard, Firthcliffe Parade, Liversedge.

ACCORDING to the Public Accounts Committe, academies damage children’s education but continue to pay bosses huge salaries (The Yorkshire Post, January 24).

PAC claims that parents are fighting for information about their children’s schooling, and that some are having to submit freedom of information requests.

On top of this, nearly a quarter of all schools have failed to provide information on the extent and control of asbestos in school buildings.

The PAC report lays bare the many ways in which parents, staff and local communities are being ignored or sidelined by academy trusts.

The Department for Education should toughen up its rules to make academies more accountable.

AI threat to classrooms

From: Neil Richardson, Kirkheaton.

EMAIL is a relatively simple technology which permits the flow of data between two or more parties – such as tutor and parent, and tutor and student.

A decade of such messages, with email generally popular across age groups, has been associated with an increase in teacher workload (The Yorkshire Post, January 23) and staff leaving the profession.

So why does Damian Hinds, the Education Secretary, believe the more complex technology of Artificial Intelligence will bring improvement?